Look at the many events that have taken place at historic Zion Church

2016 was a very busy year.  We had repairs to make after a severe storm came through the area July 28, 2015.  New interior paint in the entry, kitchen, and bathroom.  The exterior of Zion was painted, new LED Christmas lights were placed on the exterior.  The pine trees along the front sidewalk were replaced.  Check it out!  Zion looks great!

Steeple, Roof, and Window Projects.
In July 2008 a wind storm came through our area.  As a result Zion Lutheran Church sustained considerable damage to the shingles, as did many buildings in the area.  Due to the high volume of roof damage in the area, the workload exceeded the workforce and it was impossible to complete the work before winter.  At the annual meeting on May 17, 2009, it was decided to restore the roof and steeple to the original cedar shakes, which will almost triple the life of the roof compared to applying an asphalt roof.   It will be historically correct as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Work began in June 2009.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 in cash and/or materials which is the cost above and beyond insurance coverage.  Visit www.truenorthcedar.com for information on cedar shakes.

The stained glass windows and sills are also in need of restoration in addition to some storm damage.  We have contracted with Terhaar Studios.  The restoration will consist of releading the windows and replacing sills.  The estimated cost is $1,400.00 per window.  This restoration will extend the life and beauty of the windows for many years to come.  The window restorations will be a two to three year project.  This would be a great opportunity to involve your whole family in a multi year pledge towards restoring a window.   Visit
http://www.terhaarstainedglass.com for more information on the contractor.

Any donations above and beyond the cost of these projects will go to the general fund.

Annual Old Fashion Christmas celebration at Zion

Weddings at Zion

Congratulations Jana and David Joslin, August 23, 2008!
Congratulations Molly and Jason Wanke, October 20, 2012!
Congratulations Todd Teigen and Tina Boyd, November 10, 2012!
Congratulations Toni Moody and Tim Baldwin, December 14, 2013!
Congratulations Lorrie Kittelson and Dan Hill, June 21, 2014!


The King & His Court was hosted for the Watson 125th Celebration. The event held at the Watson Balkpark was enjoyed by those from 0 - 100 yrs old. This was a great fundraiser for ZRS.


Filming of the Movie "The Wedding Photo" took place at Zion on October 19th & 20th, 2004